Bubble CPAP Machine – Restohealth 02

Neonatal continuous positive airway pressure support system with nasal or nasal congestion CPAP (Nasal-CPAP) will continue to positive air flow into the airway CPAP ventilator. Refers to the spontaneous breathing conditions, the patient should have a stable respiratory drive force and the appropriate tidal volume, in the entire breathing cycle of artificial imposition of a certain degree of positive airway pressure, which is conducive to prevent airway collapse, increase the functional residual capacity, improve lung compliance, and improve oxygenation. In this mode, the ventilator only maintains a certain positive airway pressure, without mechanical ventilation. For spontaneous breathing of the newborn, to provide continuous positive pressure ventilation support.


  • With inbuilt Air-oxygen blender.
  • Compact, easy to carry with built-in handle on the top.
  • Can be used as transport CPAP, if attached to power-supply and oxygen.
  • New concept free built-in air compressor easy BUBBLE CPAP.
  • Low power design for spontaneous breathing of newborns and children, to provide continuous positive pressure ventilation support.
  • Small size, low noise, maintenance-free for N ICU, transport, paediatric ward and other different place.