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Introducing the Fetal Doppler BT-220 by Emzor Hesco Limited in Nigeria: Your Trusted Partner in Prenatal Care

Introducing the Fetal Doppler BT-220 by Emzor Hesco Limited in Nigeria: Your Trusted Partner in Prenatal Care

Discover the Future of Prenatal Care with the Fetal Doppler BT-220

Are you looking for a reliable and state-of-the-art fetal doppler to monitor your baby’s heartbeat during pregnancy? Look no further! Emzor Hesco Limited, your trusted source for healthcare solutions, proudly presents the Fetal Doppler BT-220, an exceptional device designed to provide expectant parents with peace of mind and the joy of hearing their baby’s heartbeat. Let us delve into the extraordinary features of this advanced fetal doppler:

Advanced 2.0 MHz Frequency: The Fetal Doppler BT-220 operates at an impressive 2.0 MHz frequency, ensuring exceptional accuracy in detecting your baby’s heartbeat. This advanced technology allows for crystal-clear and reliable readings, making it easier for you to monitor your baby’s health and well-being throughout your pregnancy journey.

Vivid 2.4″ Color TFT LCD Display: Experience the magic of your baby’s heartbeat with our 2.4″ Color TFT LCD display. The vibrant and high-resolution screen provides you with a clear and immersive view of your baby’s heart rate, allowing you to connect with your little one like never before.

Wide Heart Rate Range: The Fetal Doppler BT-220 offers a heart rate range of 30 to 240 beats per minute (bpm), accommodating various stages of pregnancy and ensuring you can monitor your baby’s heart rate with confidence.

Waterproof and Durable: Built to withstand the demands of pregnancy, the Fetal Doppler BT-220 is waterproof, providing peace of mind during those precious moments when you want to connect with your baby while in the bath or shower. Its durability ensures it will be a companion throughout your pregnancy journey.

Safe Ultrasound Intensity: Safety is paramount when it comes to your baby’s well-being. The Fetal Doppler BT-220 boasts an ultrasound intensity of <10mW/cm2, guaranteeing that your baby’s health is never compromised during monitoring sessions.

Crystal Clear Audio with Built-in Speaker: Enjoy the soothing sound of your baby’s heartbeat with the Fetal Doppler BT-220’s 1.2W built-in speaker. The clear audio quality enhances your bonding experience with your baby and provides reassurance throughout your pregnancy.

Efficient Battery Performance: Our fetal doppler is powered by 1.5V AA batteries (2 each) and boasts a remarkable battery life of up to 3 hours. You can rely on the Fetal Doppler BT-220 for extended use without the hassle of frequent battery replacements.

Emzor Hesco Limited takes immense pride in offering the Fetal Doppler BT-220, a product that embodies innovation, safety, and reliability in prenatal care. We understand the importance of these precious moments during pregnancy, and our goal is to provide you with a tool that enhances your connection with your unborn child.

When you choose Emzor Hesco Limited, you are not only investing in a superior product but also in the well-being of your growing family. Join the countless satisfied customers who have made the Fetal Doppler BT-220 their choice for monitoring their baby’s heartbeat.

Experience the joy of parenthood, one heartbeat at a time, with the Fetal Doppler BT-220. Trust in Emzor Hesco Limited for your prenatal care needs.




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