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Cryotherapy System MGC-200 Tips

Cryotherapy System MGC-200 Tips – The MedGyn Cryotherapy Tips are safe, interchangeable, and autoclaveable. The tips are made from a conductive gold alloy, resulting in very rapid freeze and defrost capabilities.

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Medgyn Cryotherapy System MGC-200 Tips

Product Information

019002/2507 GT-2507 Endo/Exocervical, Large

019002/2500 GT-2500 Exocervical, 25mm Flat

019002/1910 GT-1910 Endo/Exocervical, Small

019002/1905 GT-1905 Exocervical, Convex (19mm x 5mm)

019002/1900 GT-1900 Exocervical,19mm, Flat Tip

019002/0832 GT-0832 Anorectal

019002/0811 GT-0811 Skin Lesion, 8mm Diam, 45° angle

019002/0800 GT-0800 Endocervical, Round

019002/0519 GT-0519 Endocervical, (Nulliparous)

019002/0507 GT-0507 Skin Lesion, 5mm Diam, 45° angle

019002/0219 GT-0219 Micro, 2mm Diam

Product Features

  • Extensive choice of autoclaveable tips
  • Single-hand control from three-position trigger (freeze, off, defrost)
  • Instant defrost
  • Built-in regulators control pressure at tips for added safety and gas economy
  • Valve body designed and manufactured for long, trouble-free life
  • Capture “O” ring design to provide positive gas seal where tips attach to probe stem
  • Ability to change tip during procedure without shutting off gas tank
  • Nitrous Oxide (N2O) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) option


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Cryotherapy System MGC-200 Tips
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