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The Infusion Pump i5 is a cutting-edge medical device that redefines patient care through advanced infusion technology. With precise medication delivery and an intuitive interface, healthcare professionals can administer fluids and medications with accuracy. Its customizable settings cater to diverse medical scenarios, ensuring adaptability across specialties. Equipped with safety alarms and seamless integration with medical workflows, the Infusion Pump i5 prioritizes patient safety and enhances efficiency. By minimizing errors and optimizing infusion processes, this innovative device contributes to elevating healthcare standards, empowering medical professionals to provide optimal care and improve patient outcomes.

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Innovative Design for Space Efficiency

Featuring a stackable design, the system optimizes space usage and ensures effortless portability. The device boasts a 3.5-inch touch screen accompanied by an alarm light, enhancing user interaction.

Robust Build with PBT Plastic

Crafted from PBT plastic, renowned for its anti-corrosive properties, the device ensures durability and longevity in diverse environments.

Advanced Functionality for Seamless Care

The system introduces on-line titration, enabling uninterrupted infusion rate adjustments. Flow compensation mitigates pipeline fatigue-induced errors, while an anti-bolus function prevents adverse reactions from blood concentration fluctuations.

Safety and Customization

The KVO function guarantees minimal residual fluid, and five adjustable alarm sound levels cater to varying environments. Multiple infusion modes, an event log, and meticulous bubble detection with a 5-degree alarm offer comprehensive safety measures.

Incorporating a user-centric design and a spectrum of functionalities, the system marks a significant stride towards efficient, secure, and versatile medical care.


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