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LED Phototherapy System Bistos BT400

LED Phototherapy System Bistos BT400: Radiant Care for Newborns in Hospital Settings. Engineered exclusively for hospital environments, this phototherapy system redefines neonatal jaundice treatment, ensuring the well-being of precious newborns.

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  1. Hospital-Centric Design: The Bistos BT400 is meticulously designed for hospital use, offering unmatched performance, precision, and durability in the treatment of neonatal jaundice.
  2. Advanced LED Technology: Equipped with cutting-edge LED technology, this phototherapy system emits a specific wavelength of light that effectively lowers bilirubin levels, reducing the risk of complications associated with jaundice.
  3. Customizable Light Intensity: The BT400 provides precise control over light intensity, allowing healthcare providers to tailor treatment to each newborn’s unique needs, optimizing therapeutic outcomes while minimizing exposure.
  4. Patient-Focused Construction: Prioritizing newborn comfort, this system features a baby-centric design that ensures safety and easy access during treatment, promoting a reassuring and gentle experience.
  5. 360-Degree Illumination: Innovative circular LED arrays deliver uniform and consistent illumination from all angles, effectively targeting the entire body surface area, guaranteeing comprehensive treatment.
  6. Effortless Positioning: Healthcare professionals can easily adjust the height and angle of the light source, enabling precise positioning and individualized care for each newborn patient.
  7. User-Friendly Controls: Intuitive controls simplify phototherapy parameter adjustments, empowering medical staff to provide top-tier care to every newborn under their care.
  8. Robust and Hygienic Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the Bistos BT400 is both easy to clean and maintain, meeting the stringent hygiene standards of hospital settings.


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LED Phototherapy System Bistos BT400 For Hospital
LED Phototherapy System Bistos BT400
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